Laughing my gheete off at the sudden flash of indignant posts related to people “checking in” to let everyone know they’re “safe” from the earthquake in Nepal. Buzzfeed has even picked up on the phenomena, and dedicated an entire article to the issue [read it here].

“Friends” are up in arms about other “friends” checking in on the app, calling them everything from a55holes to narcissistic attention-whores. “It’s not a joke guys! Stuff like this is really hurtful,” blah blah blah get the sand out of your vagina, lames. I’ve seen some of the threads get downright violent and nasty, with posters declaring they will unfriend anyone on their list who is abusing the system,

Umm, excuse me? I think these folks are missing the bigger picture here.dont-keep-calm-its-time-to-wake-up

Instead of getting upset at your friend for “checking-in,” maybe y’all should direct your “righteous” anger at Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook developers team…y’know, the ones who thought it would be appropriate to make such a check-in app in the first place?

I think it’s much more inappropriate and callous that FaceSpace created such a check-in. I mean, really? Because when you’re in Nepal during a natural disaster, of course the first thing you’re going to want to do is check-in on the Book of Face *eye roll* NOT! Internet service there right now is spotty at best anyways, if it’s available at all.

Moreover, why is FaceSpace trying to catalog every move that we make? What algorithm is being used to guess who is where, and when? How/why did some friends get suggested that they should check-in and others did not? There are bigger forces at play here people; open your damn eyes.

And to all the people who are like, “Wow Sofia! I didn’t know you were in [insert place name here]” all I have to say is NO FCUKING DUH HOMIE. Not trying to be a rude, BUT anyone who knows me /at all/ knows that I religiously subscribe to Operations Security, or OPSEC, which is the process by which unclassified information is protected to prevent it being used against us. Basically, I don’t tell anyone where I am going or where I have gone until I’ve already returned from there.

NEVER FORGET WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS. Instead of turning on your friends, turn on the developers who would track and control you under the guise of “protecting and serving.” Instead of posting asinine status updates berating the people on your Timeline, send your angry tirades to Zuckerberg, telling him that it is inappropriate to profit from human tragedy.

TL;DR: Don’t let “them” distract you from the real issues at play here.

Mi’iwi (that’s all). Syntaxx out.



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