Conned Artist

It's only twenty bucks, anyway!

It’s only twenty bucks, anyway!

In August 2013, I commissioned an artist I found on DeviantArt (dA for the cool kids out there; it’s all about the abreeves y’know) to do a black and white portrait of my OCs, for $20. His name is OverlordJC aka John Crayton (

He communicated with me genially through notes, assured me he had no problem receiving payment, then I NEVER HEARD FROM HIM AGAIN. There was little to no activity on his online profiles, until he posted a sappy journal about the unexpected death of a renowned manga artist. We got into it online, and he blocked me on dA [I am still blocked currently.]

I wrote an angry journal about it on DeviantArt [that can be view here, if you’re so inclined], and continued to send him payment requests on PayPal.  In the interim, I reported him to dA community standards enforcers. Unfortunately, since the transaction took place off site, there was little dA could do to penalize OverlordJC and they basically told me, in not so many words, that I had been got and was sh1t outta luck.

Today I got an email from PayPal alerting me that John Crayton had canceled my payment request. *SIGH* I have decided that the $20 is no longer worth the mental aggravation and emotional distress I experience every time I see his name on my PayPal account (which I use frequently), so I will not be sending a request.

Yes, dear readers, it is clear I have been scammed. It’s a shame, and I am kicking myself for not vetting this dude better. Had I taken two minutes to read the comments on his page I would have seen that he has been ripping people off since 2005, and I might have saved myself $20.

The majority of artists I have commissioned through dA have been AMAZING, and I am happy with 99.9% of the art I have gotten through that avenue. Too bad one douchlord had to ruin my average.

Today, I am letting it go. By getting rid of the negativity and bad emotions attached to that situation, I make room for better things in my life.

I let go of things that are no longer useful to me, and I encourage you, dear readers, to do the same.


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