Help set me free from Facebook jail now! Upload this foto as your profile ID with the hashtag #FreeSofiaSyntaxx

Help set me free from Facebook jail now!
Upload this foto as your profile ID with the hashtag #FreeSofiaSyntaxx

As of 27Jan2015, I am no longer on Facebook.

This exodus was not my choice.

I was abruptly and without warning locked out of my account.

This is the second time this has happened to me, but last time it was slightly less disruptive.  Facebook accused me of using an “inauthentic name” and I was asked to change it.  I removed the accent mark from my first name, my account was re-verified, and I went about my social networking as usual.

This time, admins of the site demanded that I submit two forms of identification, including but not limited to my passport or medical card. DA FUQ?!

I mean, you all know I’m real, right?

Otherwise, this is one hell of an awesome mass hallucination!

Regardless of these egregious accusation of my lack of existence in reality, I supplied them with the necessary forms, but have yet to hear a reply.  Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop their email bots from sending me emails about all the notifications, messages, and event invites I am missing out on by not logging into the site.  Ridiculous!
I am not the first person this has hapened to, nor will I be the last.  I won’t bore you by regurgitating arguments you can easily find scattered across the ‘Net, so let me just say this: if my account is not re-verified, I will not be back.  I am not going to go to the trouble of creating a second account, or anything like this.  Facebook can kiss me (and my advertising revenue) bye-bye.

In the meantime, please check me out elsewhere on-line (I’m pretty much everywhere)!

Mi’iwi (that’s all)!


One comment

  1. Josh Langley · · Reply

    LinkedIn did that to me last year, so I know how you feel.

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