This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Grand Rapids Comic Con with my mom and a few friends. We all decided to dress up for the occasion, and it was a wonderful experience. Costumes at the convention ran the gamut from professional looking mech suits to superhero t-shirts, to paper-mache Dr. Who fezes, to a cardboard box painted to look like the creep from “Minecraft.”

I want YOU to cosplay!

I want YOU to cosplay!

In my world, there is no such thing as a cosplay “fail.” It makes me really angry and sad when I hear people get down on one another’s costumes. Cosplayers put our hearts and souls into our outfits, and even if they aren’t the most polished, just the fact that someone took the time to dress up in homage to their favorite character, and came out in public dressed as that said character, in and of itself is a beautiful thing.

After the con this weekend, my crew and I descended onto the local buffet.  We were a little worried we would stick out. We did, but it DIDN’T MATTER!  The staff and other patrons in the restaurant loved us!  Little boys in Batman shirts came up to tell me how much they liked my Joker costume, and one man even asked for a photo with my mom and aunt, who were dressed as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Life is hard, and it’s harder when you’re “strange.” The last thing we need to do is be catty to our fellow g33ks/n3rd5/weirdos. Don’t yuck someone else’s yum; it’s that simple.  If you want to dress up, do it!  Don’t worry that others may make fun; most people, in my experience, really get into it, and will be positive and supportive.

Until next time, keep on creating, and don’t be afraid to let your freak flags fly.


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