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Shkaakaamikwe (Mother Earth)

Ngizhemanidoom, sema ngiimiinagoo wiinamaayaanh nangwaa. Gagwejimin wiizhiwendamaan zhiwenmishinaang nangwaa. Miigwech ndinaanaanik gewe wesiinhak, okaanak, bineshiinhak, miinawa giigonhik, kinagwa gwayaa gaabigitnaamwat wiinwa bimaadiziwaan maanpii akiing niinwe wiimaadiziiyaang. Miigwech ge ndikaadami netawging miinawa maanwaang gaamiizhiyaang wiimiijiyaang wiizongziiyaang nangwaa. Miigwech ngizhemanidoom miigwech. Mi’iwiw. My creator. Tobacco was given to me to pray today. I ask you in a […]

‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’: Steve Rogers’ pop culture ‘catch-up’ list is different around the world

Hmmm…might I suggest Leonard Peltier/Wounded Knee?

Steve Jobs Called The Competition With Google’s Android System A “Holy War”

Originally posted on Consumerist:
(Mark.JPEG) How devoted was the late Steve Jobs to the company he co-founded? Devoted enough for him to liken Apple’s competition with Google’s Android operating system to a “holy war,” according to emails unearthed by Samsung’s lawyers as part of the Korean company’s legal fight against Apple. Samsung’s legal counsel aired…

Too Sexy For My Selfie

Taking pictures and updating social media is absolutely normal.  As both a fotog and an individual living with a TBI (traumatic brain injury), I will be one of the first to start firing off shots to document the event and preserve precious memories. However, I see too many people who are so consumed with cementing […]