Mizhishawabi is an Ojibwe word/phrase that translates as, “He/She is out in the open,” meaning someone is exposed and, literally, sitting out in the open, perhaps a field or glade.  I chose to title today’s post “Mizhishawabi” in honor of the 25th annual National Coming Out Day.

So, without further ado, please allow me to wish you a very happy National Coming Out Day!

Events taking place today hope to inspire people to live openly and confidently, without fear of prejudice.

Choosing to live our lives openly is synonymous with choosing to live happily.  You are not alone.

Harry Potter taught us that no one deserves to live in a closet!  Be brave; life is joyous!

Good luck on your journey of personal growth.  It will be amazing.

Seriously, though, I am also here to remind you that it is OKAY if you do not out yourself to everyone. Or anyone.

Some days, it is a good day to die.  Some days, it is a good day to come out.

Today is a good day to be nothing other than exactly who you are, for the rest of your life.


Happy National Coming Out Day. So all you fly mothers, get on out there and dance.

Do you have a heart-warming “coming out” tale?

Please share your story in the comments!


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