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thoughts on national coming out day

Originally posted on some blunders and absurdities:
>an unedited ramble. With student names changed. I taught a literature class at Louisiana State University this summer. As I chose readings and wrote my syllabus, I had the same two things on my mind that I always consider when planning a class: first, what are the most…


Mizhishawabi is an Ojibwe word/phrase that translates as, “He/She is out in the open,” meaning someone is exposed and, literally, sitting out in the open, perhaps a field or glade.  I chose to title today’s post “Mizhishawabi” in honor of the 25th annual National Coming Out Day. So, without further ado, please allow me to […]

Play Me, Over & Over & Over Again…

Yesterday, I read an article on Buzzfeed proclaiming, “Music speaks volumes about the listener and good music deserves to be shared.”  I must say I was intrigued, so like any good reader would, I interacted with one of my favorite blog’s content and checked to see what indeed was my top played song on iTunes. My […]