How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Not A Mess

Thought Catalog

Make your tagged photos invisible on Facebook, leaving only a carefully selected collection of profile pictures. Take control of your Internet identity, dammit! Be the curator of your own life! By doing this, the general public can’t see that photo of you wasted and deep throating a hot dog. Or the photo of you channeling Jay Leno’s chin at a haus (house) party. No sir! There’s no mess to be seen here! Your profile pictures are a snooze for a lurker but they show you in the most flattering light. “Oh look, here I am eating an orange in a tank top looking really tan, healthy, and summery! And here I am posing in nature with my arms behind me so I look super thin. It’s very Cat Power You Are Free.” Look at these photos and you will see someone who has their life figured out. The person…

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