Angry NDN Grl Radio: Newi 2013 Show Synopsis

  1. Move Your Feet -Lakeesha Kelly & Sista Native (Produced by morganics in amata, Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands for Carclew youth arts, South Australia!)
  2. She’s in China – Madame XD
  3. Sit Right Down – The Boswell Sisters (1936)
  4. Love Through Postcards – The Scene Asthetic
  5. Am I Blue? – Annette Hanshaw
  6. If You Want The Rainbow – Annette Hanshaw
  7. Life Gets Better – Don Amero
  8. Pee in the Shower – Guttermouth
  9. Inspire – Wab Kinew ft 2oolman

Annishnaabemowin of the Week

Maajiibii’igan – letter

Ni’maa’jii’bii’ige – I write a letter

Indaga maajinizha’an iwe maajiibii’igan – Please post that letter

Kaa kwaamdimi – Look after each other

Remember to visit & participate in the movement to save the USPS across the country this Tuesday, 26 February 2013!

The category “Aboriginal Australians” was invented by the British after they began colonising Australia in 1788, to refer collectively to all peoples they found already inhabiting the continent, and later to the descendants of any of those peoples. Until the 1980s, the sole legal and administrative criterion for inclusion in this category was race.

Catch me, Sofia Syntaxx the Angry NDN Girl & my partner-in-rhyme Piichi every Friday from 14h to 15h EST, on!


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