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Fall For It

The air’s been getting pretty crisp lately, and the leaves are entering their full color riot. To me, this signals apple cider cravings, unearthing my scarves, and skateboarding as much as possible before the snow flies. What does the arrival of autumn mean to /you/?

Restore the Roar

Sometimes, life throws me a curve ball and I just don’t know enough about baseball to finish the metaphor. Seriously though… Big congratulations go out to my Detroit Tigers; we’re going to the big dance! The city really needs this & I know deep down that buying my Detroit Tigers hat just before the season […]

This Land

Yes, I realize that there are serious political things going on in the world right now, but all revolution and no play makes us dull, boys and girls. Since I can’t afford the VideoPress upgrade, those of you who don’t get today’s “FIREFLY” reference will have to view the source scene here!

Keep Doin’ You

To that skinny, geeky, gangly kid who walks by my house every day dragging his big book bag, singing to himself: You make me smile. You rock dude. Don’t let the haters get you down, and keep doin’ you

ANGR: niiwo-anama’e-giizhik

Angry NDN Grl Radio: Week Four Show Synopsis Aanii! Here at ANGR, we do the show live, un-transcribed and on the fly, thus making it impossible to preview before you view.  If you want to know what’s happening on the show this week, you just have to TUNE IN TO FIND OUT! Listen live on […]

ANGR: niso-anama’e-giizhik

Angry NDN Grl: Week Three Show Synopsis Music “Down With Brown” by the Bionic Bannock Boys “John Wayne’s Teeth” by the Eaglebear Singers “Cheers” by Wab Kinew ft Boogey “Millennium NDN KARZ” by Keith Secola “Nimiigwechwindam” (I’m Feeling Grateful) by Miskwaasining Nagamojig (Swamp Singers) Annishnaabemowin of the Week Miigweetch : Thank you Chi’Miigweetch : Thank you very much!

ANGR: niizho-anama’e-giizhik

Angry NDN Grl Radio: Week Two: Show Synopsis “Moobamwow” by A Tribe Called Red “Spare Change” by Plex ft Rellik, Touch “Basterdz” by Joey Stylez “Strange Love” by Karen O from the FRANKWEENIE soundtrack “25 Cents” by Point of Contact “Red Skin Grl” by A Tribe Called Red Annishnaabemowin of the Week Pkwenigen : Check […]

ANGR: ningo-anama’e-giizhik

Angry NDN Grl Radio: Week One Show Synopsis Music “Color Nature Gone” by XIT “Skin I’m In” by Without Rezervation (W.O.R.) “What’s Really Rez?” by Red Power Squad ft Don Burnstick “Muffin Top Girl” by Bionic Bannock Boys Annishnaabemowin of the Week Baamaapii: Until Later

Angry Ndn Grl Radio

Aanii!  For those of you not already in the know, I am now the proud host of my own weekly Internet radio show! From 14h-14h30, Detroit time, you can hear me streamed live on WAYN RADIO ! I feature music by contemporary indigenous artists from around the world, as well as several regular features, including: Annishnaabemowin […]