nothing lasts forever

I’m currently in this long, complicated, and confusing process of figuring out who I am and what I want to do with my life.

How does one avoid loss in the first place?  I do not believe that attachment causes loss.

To me, attachment feels fine; it’s the detachment that hurts.  I guess I just need to learn to let go; nothing lasts forever.

Some people suggest that to avoid loss, one should never be attached to anything in the first place.  They give the example of a hand in water: when you remove your hand from the water, the hand leaves no impression.  These people say that the reason the hand leaves no trace in the water is because the water is not “attached” to your hand.

However, the way I see it, while your hand is in the water, the water is /very/ attached to your hand.  It surrounds it, it enfolds it, embraces it.  I believe we must allow ourselves to experience love/life as fully as water experiences your hand, then to let go as completely as the water.

I know what you are saying now…and yes, the water does leave a little of itself on the departing hand, just as we leave a little of ourselves with the people and things we touch.  But for the most part, when it is time to let go, we must, like to water, let go.

Our hands could no more hold the water that the water could hold our hands.  As soon as one /wants/ to leave, there is no attachment, because there /can be/ no attachment other than the mutual action of just BEING TOGETHER.  Hand and water both accept the inevitability, and part “clean.”

Hold close, then let go.

Whatever is the current experience in your awareness, the next event on your schedule, how do you know when it is time to hold close?  When it’s right in front of you (literally).  When is it time to let go?  When you’re on your way out or they’re on their way out.

Say “baamaapii,” let go, and embrace the new moment.


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