Top 10 Worst Things About Being A Carriage Driver On Mackinac Island

10. Back-of-the-knee sweat and swamp a55.

9. Bicycles and pedestrians who try to beat the horses. Listen up punks, I’ve got the right of way, and two big Belgians to back it up.

8. Never getting off the damn buggy.

7. Trying to find fun things to do without resorting to planning because the best stuff always happens naturally. Really. Stuff’s going to happen. I’m not worried.

6. Tourists. Tourists. Tourists.

5. When people drive up too close behind you and rub back of your carriage. Hint: If you can’t see my bumper, you’re too close.

4. Feeling like a crapbag if you don’t go outside but, let’s be honest, not really wanting to go outside.

3. The fact that it’s already the end of July and you haven’t done any of the awesome stuff you thought you’d do and knowing–no matter what you tell that quasi-friend from college who keeps leaving “Hey, how’s your summer going?!?” Facebook wall messages–that you’re probably not going to do anything awesome, or even vaguely interesting, in August either because you work for MICT (or the Grand Hotel) and are so tired after work all you can do is eat, sleep, and drive horses.

2. Lack of sleep.

1. Lousy tippers.



  1. mackinaw is in the great lakes right? off of cleveland or something? I heard about this place, horses, water, walking and biking no cars. sounds pretty good to me.

    1. Hi Rose! Thanks for taking the time to comment. The answer to your question is actually two part: you are correct that Mackinac Island is located in the great lakes (Lake Huron, to be exact). The island is part of the U.S. state of Michigan, and is situated in the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac, between the state’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas. Mackinaw, as you have spelled it, is a city on the mainland of the Lower Peninsula.

      As you also mentioned, there are no cars on Mackinac, which is my favorite part. There are lots of great things about the island, especially for our summer visitors. Sometimes, it is not as much fun for the workers (but that can be said of any job, right? lol!) This list is only semi-serious, and one hundred percent satirical. If you haven’t paid a visit to my beautiful island home yet, I highly suggest it 🙂 Cheers!

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