every relationship has a script, one well-worn argument where neither party changes their point of view that always ends in a blow up. each partner hold steadfast in their place, refusing to compromise.

i think we should all just walk around with whistles around our necks,sort of a last-ditch effort at rescue.

we’d just blow our whistle TWEET TWEET TWEET to let the world know “uh oh-rough waters ahead!  throw up your hands and prepare for the mental mind fcuk-here it comes!”

or as they say in the movies, “buckle up its gonna be a bumpy ride”

safety first, you know. always, safety first.

while we’re thinking of our own trigger words, let it be noted that no good can ever come from hearing the words “my mother” during an argument either:

“my mother always said i was too good for you”

“my mother was right about you”

“my mother loves you more than me”

no matter what is being said, it ain’t good. this goes for the name of any of either party’s exes as well.

and, while im not old enough to know this, you’d have to consult with an elder for an official consensus but i believe the phrase “my kids” would also apply.


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