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ain’t nobody got time for that

WHO is /your/ favorite Doctor? Do you prefer the modern stoicism of an Eccleston? Or the dandy retro-arrogance of Third Doctor Jon Pertwee? Are there any fans of short-lived ’80s Doctors Peter Davison and Colin Baker out there? Or someone who really, really wants to defend Paul McGann? Myself, I love Tom Baker’s portrayal of the Doctor, draped in […]

karmic payment plan

The desert of discontent is upon us. Drink more water.

Top 10 Worst Things About Being A Carriage Driver On Mackinac Island

10. Back-of-the-knee sweat and swamp a55. 9. Bicycles and pedestrians who try to beat the horses. Listen up punks, I’ve got the right of way, and two big Belgians to back it up. 8. Never getting off the damn buggy. 7. Trying to find fun things to do without resorting to planning because the best […]

talk play love

fading consciousness falling rapture smile as these moments on film we capture never realized before what my snapshots had in store my home is callin’ me, goin’ wild haven’t written in awhile my mare, Laredo, silver gray canter smooth and strong moving swiftly like a song take me away take my mind off my heart

what i learned in college

I’ve come to learn that my greatest fear in life is having diarrhea on the bus and my second greatest fear is sitting next to a person who has just had diarrhea on the bus.  Geesh. The smell of the other bus people has really been getting me down. I don’t know why the guys […]

Never Ever Ever!

I have never: -learned to snorkel -won the lottery -sold anything on eBay or -written a passive-agressive note -gotten fired What about you? What haven’t you done? Come on, let me know so that I can feel better about myself.  You freak.  God, you are such a loser


every relationship has a script, one well-worn argument where neither party changes their point of view that always ends in a blow up. each partner hold steadfast in their place, refusing to compromise. i think we should all just walk around with whistles around our necks,sort of a last-ditch effort at rescue. we’d just blow […]