el bandito y mi corazon

i have crosses to bear
the damage is great
i hope that we’re not too late
i travel this life alone

maybe if you had met me sooner
you would have found me saner
but thats not the way things were meant to be
for you and me

i told you not to love me
but now i wonder if i meant it
you gave me your word
now i wonder if you’ve kept it
i would say it was an act of fate
but i dont want to tempt it

when i think about the future
im start busting at the seams
try not to overthink it,
wondering what it all means

you got me when i was down
caught between tomorrow and yesterday
wondering if things will be ok

broken hearted, ive been listening
inside a mind full of silent screams
now i feel like im walking, open-eyed
into a world of my dreams


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