Monthly Archives: March 2012

I’ve been watching the media frenzy over the “Kony 2012” viral and frankly, it leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Will revisit this topic in three months, regardless of outcome.

‘fess up

i have a few confessions to make: i have a tendency to kill plants, take the last cookie, hog the covers, kiss and tell, break hearts, eat fruit in the grocery, forget birthdays, arrive late (despite my best intentions-even when i leave early!), rack up library fines, spend too much time on-line and hardly ever […]

embarrassing myself in front of attractive men and other dating disasters

we all know the type. that guy, whose smile makes your heart sort of flutter, and your stomach creep up your throat so fast you feel like you might throw up, only you can’t do that because if you did, oh god, your life would be over.  i mean seriously, like kill yourself on the […]

beauty in the breakdown

ever since that day, i cry alot more and smile alot less. how do i break it to my heart that ive got to get over you? i don’t know how. not to love you anymore. how do i learn to live apart from the one i gave my heart to? how will i let […]

el bandito y mi corazon

i have crosses to bear the damage is great i hope that we’re not too late i travel this life alone maybe if you had met me sooner you would have found me saner but thats not the way things were meant to be for you and me i told you not to love me […]

A Tale of Moderate Destruction

everything reminds me of something that reminds me of you are you surrounded by things that remind you of me too? im on the corner of main street trying to keep my heart in check wondering when ill see you next can you read my mind? it’s funny how i just break down waiting for a […]

fotograph of you

like most women, i like to have my photo taken. especially by someone who loves me.