Won’t Back Down

I am not interested in sympathizing or empathizing with the enemy.

What I am interested in is understanding the enemy to better defend America and her interests at home and abroad. The key to ensuring that young American lives are not sacrificed unnecessarily on future battlefields lies in the development of a new generation of ethical, independent-minded military commanders and intelligence leadership.

When we see something that needs to be fixed or done better, we must persist—loyally, respectfully—but we mustn’t give up. In the Navy, the majority of my training centered on teambuilding and collaboration.

That’s all well and good to a point but eventually, there will come a time when one must stand alone and say, “This is wrong,” or “This is my responsibility—I don’t agree with you, and I am going to do what’s right.”

In all the parks in the entire world, I have yet to find a statue built for a committee. Whether in the military, a Fortune 500 company or a university, all it takes is one person with a vision and the ability to execute that vision.

Be that person.


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