Blood Drive

“Be Nice To Me-I Gave Blood”

(Or Why I Don’t Give Blood)

there’s a blood drive on

campus—today.  how do i know?

all day i’ve been bombarded

with saccharine solicitations for

societal niceties from self-righteous donors

A heart-shaped sticker implores me

to be kind to its wearer


—this is rich—

“they gave blood today”

Oh yeah? i want to say.  Well

i gave blood too.

i want to say.

not today

but i gave blood

just the same

in fact, i gave a little more than


i gave a husband.

the day the casualty notification officer knocked on my door, i was wearing a heart sticker like the ones i saw today

but no one was nice to me that day.

and now

i don’t give blood anymore.

Blood will have blood. It alone moves the wheels of history.


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