Monthly Archives: October 2010

Real-Life Horror

This year for Halloween, I’m going as a victim of the American Health Care System.

Just Push Play

Sex is like a Cassette. Insert , Play, Fast forward, Pause and Eject  

Toughen Up

Sometimes I regret who I am. Other times I’m happy of who I’ve become. My past has many secrets. My future has some too. Too bad most don’t know. Thankfully some do. ~Written by Lil’ Wanton~

It Will Get Better

Today is best known as Columbus Day, but I (as an indigenous woman) prefer to think of it as “Indigenous Peoples Day.”  I mourn the genocide of millions of indigenous Americans and enslaved Africans that happened during the construction of our country and the system we now know as capitalism. Normally, I’d go on a […]

You Don’t Even Know Chinese!

Tattooing is a reflection of the basic human desire to decorate the body, and tattoos have held many different meanings by different societies and cultures throughout history.Many attribute the ancient Egyptians to be the first practicing tattooists, and tattoos continue to be a popular way for people of all ages to express themselves in our […]

Blood Drive

“Be Nice To Me-I Gave Blood” (Or Why I Don’t Give Blood) there’s a blood drive on campus—today.  how do i know? all day i’ve been bombarded with saccharine solicitations for societal niceties from self-righteous donors A heart-shaped sticker implores me to be kind to its wearer because —this is rich— “they gave blood today” […]