Monthly Archives: March 2010

Mon Petit Monstre

Voici mon petit monstre This is my little monster Il est de taille moyenne et il est méchant He is mean and he is vicious. C’est bien de lui d’oublier mon anniversaire. It is just like him to forget my birthday. Et il ne dit jamais « Je vous remercie » And he never says […]

Salute In Silence

i am a soldier. never will i leave a fallen comrade, but if my comrades knew my secret would they leave me behind? i am a sailor. i obey the orders of those appointed over me. but if i spoke aloud my secret to my shipmates would they mutiny against me? i am a Marine. […]

War Widow

Time waits for no one, but love waits forever. Everytime i think about you, i start to cry As i feel the tears well up in my eyes i curse the men in suits who sent you to die. Hopped on a plane, never again to see home Left me sitting here, so lost and […]