Fight the Good Fight

i own this book

i own this book

I would like to preface this post by reminding everyone that I have no life.  I just recently discovered CurrentTV, a channel comprised almost entirely of viewer generated content.  And (most) programs don’t runner longer than fifteen minutes, perfect for myself and others from the Sesame Street/MTv generation.

Current encourages viewers to submit their own projects, to write or call in comments, and just give feedback in general.  I decided to take them up on their offer after viewing my first episode of the newest addiction, Sergio’s White Hot Top Five. (“Super News” is also a gem.)

For the record, Sergio did write me back.

His response is the title of this post.


My letter (and CurrentTV’s response) read thusly:


Hey there,

Thanks for writing! I’ve passed your email along to Sergio. (And I have to say—girls with glasses rock!)

Stephanie Whiteside
Manager, Online Community

On 5/19/09 1:37 PM, “” <> wrote:

Never one to be either hip or even marginally informed, I only recently discovered Current, InfoMania, and, most notably, Sergio’s White Hop Top 5.

My first exposure to this beacon of hilarity was last week when you did a spot on the top 5 downloads from iTunes (might I reiterate again that I hail from the middle of nowhere aka Nunavut, Canadian Territory and Internet just became available to me in the form of 56k dial-up…please don’t laugh at my pain and uncoolness.  But I digress.)

Having never been exposed to this new visual medium known as the Muzak vid-deao (sorry if i butcher the spelling; I’ve only ever heard it spoken, never written) i was quite disappointed to see the artist known as Taylor Swift (if that is indeed his real name!) trying to convince millions of potential droids that glasses are unsexy and only contact wearers will be getting laid anytime in the near future.

As anyone who has ever had the misfortune of wearing contacts into a smoky bar or club can tell you, there is nothing sexy about looking like Courtney Love on a three-day coke bender.  Blood shot eyes = not suitable for mating.  Or if you have ever had the misfortune if putting said contact into your eye backwards or had the little bugger fold over on you while still in the eye, I think you would agree that contact removal is almost as heinous as water-boarding.  Or not.  That’s cool too.

My point is, the “clear eye” guy is not sexy, and neither are contacts.  That’s why I have devoted my entire on-line presence to the promotion of sexy women (namely, myself) in my totally bangable librarian glasses.  Because there’s nothing sexier to a man than a woman who doesn’t really know what he looks like when they’re naked in bed because she already took her glasses off!

Thanks for your time.  Stay sexy Sergio.
Respectfully Yours,
Sofia Syntaxx



  1. Marius Sidau · · Reply

    So Aya Sofya you like to fight…Why am I not surprised 🙂

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