Revelations (1 of 7)

You are trying to reach someone who simply cannot be reached.

Everything is about timing, so it must be you, right?


In this day and age of cell phones, email, instant messaging technology and social networking sites, no one is truly impossible to get a hold of.  (If they lack most or all of these key components of being a functioning humanoid in the 21st century, the relationship must be terminated based on strong circumstantial evidence that the individual in question is not a legitimate, socially-adjusted, emotionally competent human being (even most drug dealers have a MySpace!) and thus should be avoided at all costs…but I digress.)

Everything is about timing, so you’re schedules just haven’t synced up.

That’s why they’re not returning my calls/emails/Facebook pokes/singing telegrams…

The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned


Hate to be the one to one to rain on your parade, but it hasn’t happened yet because, like it or not, you’re not a priority.  Not to say that you weren’t once before or won’t be one again in the future, but right not, you’re just not.  People make time for the things that are important to them, and that’s just the facts of life.  So slow down, and take some time for yourself.  Let them come to you.


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