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Fight the Good Fight

I would like to preface this post by reminding everyone that I have no life.  I just recently discovered CurrentTV, a channel comprised almost entirely of viewer generated content.  And (most) programs don’t runner longer than fifteen minutes, perfect for myself and others from the Sesame Street/MTv generation. Current encourages viewers to submit their own […]

Revelations (4 of 7)

Recently, an associate and I attended the wedding of a mutual friend.  I’m at that age now where everyone I know is getting married. Myself, the numbers scare me. Like “Hey, is this the line I get in to give away half of all my stuff?  Awesome!  This is gonna be great!”…But I digress. As […]

Revelations (3 of 7)

iNo mas! I’m done. You will not make me feel bad about myself anymore. I am ok with not having sex with strangers.  I think it says something about the world today that feeling this way is considered abnormal. There’s no two ways about it, our society is f*cked, and I am choosing to no […]

Revelations (2 of 7)

Recently, I was fortunate enough to visit with a dear old friend of mine who was home on leave from the military. One day I remarked to this individual (whose branch of service and name shall remain anonymous so as to avoid reprimand, unfair sanctions and just plain personal embarrassment) that they ought to iron […]

Revelations (1 of 7)

You are trying to reach someone who simply cannot be reached. Everything is about timing, so it must be you, right? Wrong. In this day and age of cell phones, email, instant messaging technology and social networking sites, no one is truly impossible to get a hold of.  (If they lack most or all of […]