Monthly Archives: March 2009

Into The Ocean

Some days you ride the wave. Other days, the wave rides you. But no matter what, you always have to get back on the board.

America’s Sweetheart

I have a confession to make, and what better public arena to air it in than on the world wide web?  Last night, I molested myself.  But it’s okay!  …I know I wanted it.

Angry Little NDN Girl

  I am four in this picture.  A year from the time this picture was taken, I was living with my mother in a small, run-down house on the East Side of Flint, MI.  It would be my home for the next fifteen years.  The cradle of security that was my multi-generational home was gone, and […]


In Honor of the late, great Dr. Seuss, who would have been 105 years old today… I’ll know my struggle is over when I can’t fall asleep Because reality is finally better than my dreams And I won’t fear scorn from the company I keep Because I will have already foiled their schemes   Oh!  […]