Picture To Burn

You Smile Because You Don't Know What I Am Thinking

You Smile Because You Don’t Know What I Am Thinking

Growing apart is more than just an expression.  One can see the deterioration of a relationship through the careful examination of body language.

While it may be argued that professional studio pictures are posed at the photographer’s discretion, certain non-verbal clues are still evident.  How big a smile is, how close they stand to one another and whether the subjects are relaxed or stiff all give away the inner-most feelings two people may have toward each other.

More than anything, love is a journey.  Follow me as I chronicle the story of one of my most passionate love affairs:

Day One: Blissful smiles, precious laughter and golden sunshine abound.  Yet only a few steps into my journey the sunlight has already begun to tarnish and what was once sweet is now simply bittersweet.

“Abracadabra, abracadabra…”  No matter how many times I said those magic words, I could not recapture the magic that once was my relationship.  How quickly things began to turn, yet while I was living it, I could not see it until it was too late.  His words never spoke to me of unhappiness or emotional infidelity, yet today, when I study these photographs, I can see it clearly.

By the time the last picture in this montage was taken I had already begun to make my break, although at the time I doubt he knew that.  As you can see, dear reader, my body language gives me away yet again.  I have begun to lean away and even after the camera shutter clicked, immortalizing the moment forever, we had already begun to grow further and further apart and before the pictures were back from the lab, he was already out of my life.

Fortunately for the next man that comes into my life, I now have a digital camera. 

Perhaps my next relationship will last longer than it takes to develop film.


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