If I Was Queen For One Day, I’d Give It All Away

Someone partied a lil' too hearty!

Everybody In The Club Gettin' Tipsy!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

And never brought to mind?

Should the evil men go unpunished

For their unspeakable crimes?


Innocent blood coursed in the streets

As they lied their way into a war

The time has come to reclaim what was ours,

To spread our wings in hope and soar


I refuse to slink quietly into the night

While they oppress the American people

Don’t think that you can scare me

I won’t cower for sanctuary in the church steeple


I know my place probably better than you yours

You’d be ignorant to think I’d go down without a fight

Corruption, greed, and deceit abound if only you seek it

But I haven’t forgotten the difference between wrong and right


I was a Girl Scout and always come prepared

I’m ready for anything you throw at me

Get ready for another year, m*tha f*ckers

‘Cuz this is one bitch that defeats the odds repetitively


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